DNA now has the ability to print and engrave Lamacoid labels, Tags and safety signs for the Electrical, Telecom, Industrial and Automation industry

A majority of DNA's manufactured products require us to apply custom engraved labeling and printed tags for cabinets, box builds, and devices we make as a value-added product offering. We have added Lamacoid printing capabilities for our customers, vendors, and other manufacturers that may require laser and rotary engraved tags, safety signs, and labels for their own manufactured products or needs. Lamacoid products are used in several applications such as device identification, electrical control panels, wire and cabling closets or valve tags, and operator devices such as button labels.

What is Lamacoid Printing? Industrial Lamacoid tags are printed via a computerized laser and rotary engraved printing device using a two-ply plastic material that is both indoor and outdoor UV stable and available in both smooth and textured surfaces. Lamacoid plastic is available in various thicknesses with the most common being 1/16 inch with 1/8 inch and also available in select colours. We also have the ability to print and engrave on custom ordered metal plates.

Lamacoid can be custom designed and printed for various applications. Here are some of the more common uses;

  • identification tags
  • machine panels
  • electrical panels
  • mechanical fans
  • pumps,pipes, and actuator labeling
  • door or cabinet signage
  • aviation, transportation and nautical
  • caution and warning signs

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